QUIZ: Banking Quiz

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    Which financial institutions offer the best returns?

    • Traditional banks
    • Online banks
    • Investment banks
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    In ancient Mesopotamia the _____ served as banks:

    • Temples
    • Palaces
    • Courts
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    The largest bank in the world in terms of capitalization is:

    • The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
    • Bank of America
    • Wells Fargo
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    Banks make profits by offering

    • Savings accounts
    • Certificates of deposit
    • Loans
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    The history of modern banking begins in:

    • The United Kingdom
    • France
    • Italy
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    An example of a bank that raises capital for businesses is:

    • A commercial bank
    • An investment bank
    • An online bank
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    What is mobile banking?

    • Online banking
    • The option to conduct transactions through a phone
    • Teller banking
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    Which banks do not accept deposits?

    • Retail banks
    • Commercial banks
    • Investment banks

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