Ever since a new thing is born or made alive, one thing which is most crucial and predominant for ones growth is Motivation. People get inspired, motivated, and at the same time they inspire and motivate others by their action or reactions, positive, negative anything may be.

We do learn from other’s mistakes or successes. While the failures of others inspire us to fill the gape here and there while Successes inspires us to follow the footprints.

Motiva8.com is establishing itself as India’s no.1 and world’s leading media platform for entrepreneurs, students, artists or any one in any field, where in we share motivational stories with immense passion and inspirational objective.

We are providing business networking opportunities to entrepreneurs across globe. Motiva8.com is hosting India’s most wide-reaching flagship conferences for entrepreneurs including Motiva8Me, several meetups, boot camps and workshops.

Motiva8’s Startup Jobs Board connects startups and talent in the most curated manner.

Motiva8.com’s research wing is dedicated to market research, intelligence and consulting in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in India.




Motiva8 is building an ecosystem of support for early-stage startups, for which we have extensively surveyed needs of founders.

We found that there were needs beyond funding in early stages.

We do a lot of hand holding, from valuation, pitch presentations, and mock sessions to deal structuring, due diligence assistance, and support for deal closure.

How does the Accelera8 work

Accelera8 is designed for and focused on early-stage startups and founders.

We offer the following services:

  • Mentoring/advisory: Review and refinement of business strategy, marketing, pricing, operations, and business processes.
  • Product consulting: Feedback on vision, market fit, features, pivoting, and roadmap.
  • Drive quick experiments based on a testable hypothesis to learn and evolve faster.
  • Growth acceleration: Organic/inorganic growth strategy and support. Explore strategic partnerships and new business models.
  • Business performance framework: KPI framework, review, and insights.
  • Industry networking: Networking opportunities with industry leaders.
  • Access to domain and technical experts: Dedicated time with thought leaders to help find solutions to the most complex challenges.
  • Introductions to service partners: Introduction to software product development, legal, finance and accounting, talent on-boarding, executive coaching partners.
  • Education and support: On business planning, financial modelling, revenue projections, design thinking, storytelling, and other areas, as needed.