ULO Hotels a Chennai Based hospitality Startup is charming vacationers with budget stays:

The Indian Hospitality Sector has shown tremendous growth in recent years. People are saving money to travel around the world. Instead of well-known tourist destinations, folks prefer less visited destinations. One can find that many new startups are created to focus on the needs of the trippers. Ulo Hotels is a hospitality based startup founded by Viswanathan.M on August 21, 2016. They are offering budget accommodations for folks at a very reasonable price. They are serving the guests with the best of amenities and services. Presently, they are concentrated in tier-2 and tier-3 cities.
[blockquote align=”none” author=”Viswanathan says”]My 5+ years experience in Travel and Tourism Sector helped me a lot in the initial days of Ulo Hotels. We operated our company only by the guidance and funds given by family and friends.[/blockquote] The word “Ulo” comes from the Igbo Language which means Accommodation. “We chose this name as we wanted to offer quality accommodations to all our guests. Right from day, one we are offering the guests what we promised”, says Viswanathan. “Primarily, we only focused on OTAs for our business, but we later stated to acquire and manage properties on our own,” adds Viswanathan. Mr.Muruga.J stayed as a guest in one of the properties and he was impressed with the concept of Ulo Hotels. After that, he joined as the Mentor in Ulo Hotels. He is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and has two decades of experience in various technologies. Ulo Hotels is displaying steady growth under his guidance.

How does Ulo operate?

Ulo Hotels function through the Joint Venture Business Model. Their ulterior goal is to help struggling hoteliers to achieve good revenue, occupancy rate, and quality. According to a recent survey, there are nearly 6 Lakh hotels that come in this category in India. They help hoteliers to boost their revenue, occupancy and enhance the overall quality of the services. They are alluring repetitive guests with their 5 Bs service like Best in Guest Service & Care, Bed Clean & Comfortable, Budget-Friendly & Value, Breakfast Healthy & Regional, and Bathroom Hygienic & Functional. The key focus of Ulo Hotels is to maintain the Standard Revenue, Standard Occupancy, and Quality.

What is UloTel?

The Property Owners can see the information related to the properties and images in UloTel. One can also view the booking time and room availability. The complete revenue of each property can be viewed in the dashboard. You can see the past, present, and future revenue forecasts as well. UloTel is integrated with Online (OTAs) and Offline (Local Agencies) for tracking purposes.


Maintaining the quality, overall occupancy and revenue are crucial for the success. The guests like to stay in a hotel which is value for money. Fulfilling that is a huge challenge for all hospitality startups.

What lies ahead?

“Currently, Ulo Hotels have 75+ rooms in over 4 locations. We are planning to expand our presence in over 72 to 80 cities, acquire 250+ properties and to do 6000 room nights,” signs off Viswanathan. Website: Ulo Hotels
About the Founders
Viswanathan, the Founder and CEO, has an experience of over 6 years in the travel and tourism sector. He enjoys interacting with people and is currently making Ulo Hotels a Pan India operation. Operations, marketing, strategy, financing, creation of company culture, human resources and more, he handles them all. He enjoys charting Ulo’s direction and believes in doing things differently and smartly. He is always ready for food, travel, impromptu plans and long drives. Today, he stands as a man who has travelled extensively, and is always on the lookout for the next destination or one more challenge.

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