A small Town Boy with Big Dreams in His Eyes, Story of Rahul Singh Founder of LoveBites.

Everybody has to have a dream, small dreams, big dreams but they are all the same. Dreams are not something that doesn’t come true, those are fairy tales. Dreams are something that you can work for, your one true goal. You must believe that you can achieve your dream, that if you dedicate your self, you work, you sweat, you cry, you hurt, all for this one dream. Here is a story of a small town boy with big dreams in his words…

I am a small town boy with Big dreams in his eyes. I am a professor of Sociology in St.Xavier’s College, Burdwan and at the same time. A young entrepreneur who owns a business company called LoveBites, which is an online bakery shop where we deliver cakes and Chocolates at your doorstep.

Well to be very frank coming from a business family there are so many figures whom you see from your childhood as inspiration. But, in my case, I don’t want to possess an identity which is taken from someone, be it may be my family and I never wanted to indulge myself in the same traditional business sector. I always dreamed of doing something of my own. This is the reason why I started my own company called LoveBites, about which I can say proudly.

In Sociology, we learn about different social aspects like how we can connect those aspects in reality. The same thing goes with Cakes and Chocolates. People always love to cherish their special moments with Cakes, and that is the thing that urges me to make something which is a real source of happiness.

Baking startup started from one of the college fest events where I placed the bakery stall for which we got appreciated for the taste of our products. That particular day urged me to realize that if a single day event can give us so many appreciations and profit, then why not planning it on a bigger scale.

I converted one of our garages into a baking kitchen. Though it was very tough to make my mom understand about why I was making holes in the wall (As it goes with everyone before doing anything with the room, which belongs to mom’s property).

To be very frank there are so many reputed companies well settled in the market that it was really tough for me to have a place in the market, but credit goes to my college students as well to some of my colleagues, childhood friends who supported me and even did promotion for me at a large scale.

We came up in the market with all eggless cakes (we only provide veg items), fresh cream cakes for which bingo people appreciated of the fact. The fact is that we don’t opt for butter because people are avoiding butter in order to remain healthy. We concentrated on Theme based cakes as I always wanted people to get the designs in reality which they visualize in imagination.

Every company looks for having an output which can justify its reason for having a settlement, the same goes on us also. In fact, it has reached a level beyond my expectation. In the initial stages, I started with 1 baker now we have 22 bakers from different states of the country. Very soon we will be available in the capital of the country (Delhi) also planning to give franchises.

There are plenty of stacks which we are looking about, one of them are having different Outlets in the interior parts of the country so that people living in the core parts also get access to our cakes and other items.

Competitors were there, competitors are there, competitors will be there. Unless & until you have competition how can one get the energy to work hard. Let them work hard-Let us work harder.

Well, my simple suggestion to people will be to think something out of the box. No one has achieved success working on a general assembly line. Be different be bold at taking decisions.

Currently, we are operating in Burdwan, Durgapur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chandigarh planning to expand our branches in the franchise model.

What do you think?

Written by motiva8

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