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    What does ARM stand for?

    • Adjustable Rate Mortgage
    • Adjustable Reverse Mortgage
    • Amortization Rate Mortgage
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    What does a Bear Market mean?

    • Volatile market
    • A market characterized by rising prices for securities
    • A market characterized by falling prices for securities.
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    What is a Balance Sheet?

    • A financial statement of assets, liabilities and owners’ equity for a business at a certain point of time
    • Balancing cash flow and net earnings.
    • The balance between price and earnings.
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    What is a bridge loan?

    • A short-term loan made until a longer term financing is obtained.
    • Adjustable Rate Mortgage.
    • A commercial loan for building a bridge.
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    What does appreciation mean?

    • Current Assets
    • The measure of a continued rise in the worth of an asset
    • The decrease in value of an asset over time
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    What does amortization mean?

    • The process of liquidating a debt over a period of time.
    • The process of determining the fair market value of an asset.
    • The amount of interest owed to a lender.

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