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Jewellery is something so personal to the wearer that it may seem like the only way to find the right piece for each individual is to head to market, even though that means fighting through the crowds, haggling for the best price and hoping that what you have is of good quality. KacyWorld recognized that this was a gap in the online retail market and like the best start-ups, each individual confident that consumers would respond positively to good quality – and indeed they were proven right!

A Convenience (Online) Store:

Shoppers can search through KacyWorld’s wide array of fashion jewellery and accessories; pick out that special item that is perfectly suited to them, all from the comfort and convenience of their own home. What makes KacyWorld so great for shoppers is that not only are the prices so low whilst maintaining the very highest standards of quality, but there is free shipping available, all across India! Convenience, style and exceptional value combine to make KacyWorld a one-stop shop for accessories, and the addition of exciting new products every single month keeps happy shoppers coming back again and again.

Bootstrap Start-Up:

As a relatively new start-up, not everyone has heard of KacyWorld however that is set to change as they take the online retail world by storm. The company has already been featured in numerous publications and news sites and has generated an enormous amount of buzz. The story of KacyWorld’s success is a remarkable one, and the brainchild of KomalMittal, a young woman with a formidable drive, incredible ambition and sharp business mind. After graduation, Ms. Mittal decided she would chase her dreams to be an entrepreneur and took the bold step to create a start-up company offering something different to the competition. Utilizing funds from her other businesses, Komal Mittal bootstrapped KacyWorld, building it from scratch and the world is starting to take notice: Ms. Mittal recently was the recipient of the ‘Best Woman in Business Services’ award from the Global Triumph Foundation.

A True Shopping Experience:

In addition to the value that KacyWorld offer, through their low prices and free shipping, the company strive to provide customers with a truly unique shopping experience and environment, and a big part of this comes from the company’s blog. KacyBlog is not your typical self-aggrandising business blog, but a place where ideas and inspirations can be shared, with the articles written by women for women. The many articles range across a vast array of products and topics. Of course, jewellery features but the blog also discusses make-up tips and ideas, health and beauty news, clothing and accessories as well as opinion pieces on the best holiday destinations and even gift ideas for others. KacyWorld have big plans for the future and based on the incredible success they have already achieved in such a relatively short space of time, there is little doubt that the company will accomplish its goals. Whilst Jewellery shall always be at the heart of KacyWorld’s business, the company has plans to expand even further into the realm of online fashion.

Big Plans for the Future and an Example to Others:

Having already added accessories to their roster of products, they shall shortly begin selling clothing, when they launch their very own fashion line, making KacyWorld the site to visit for any woman’s style needs. It is always an exciting time over at KacyWorld, from its’ rise as a bootstrap start-up that is becoming more well-known and prominent with each passing day, to the always on-trend Jewellery that updates every month. By identifying and quickly responding to a gap in the market, Komal Mittal created the KacyWorld start-up off her own back, and her business model should be an inspiration for other start-ups: act quickly, be bold and know what your potential customers want – and give it to them!

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