QUIZ: Loan Quiz

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    What is a working capital loan?

    • A business line of credit to secure capital
    • A loan that secures capital
    • A real estate loan
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    A boat loan is an example of:

    • Secured loan
    • Unsecured loan
    • Home equity loan
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    Which of the following is an example of secured loan?

    • Home equity loan
    • A student loan
    • A boat loan
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    Loans to avoid include:

    • Demand loans
    • Bridge loans
    • Advance-fee loans
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    Equipment financing is used by businesses to:

    • Buy equipment
    • Convert equipment into capital
    • Offer equipment to customers
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    What is a conventional loan?

    • A government-backed loan
    • A loan with a maximum amount
    • A loan offered by a brick-and-mortar bank
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    Unsecured loans are typically offered to borrowers with:

    • Home equity
    • A long credit history
    • Excellent credit
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    The main benefit of secured loans is?

    • A shorter term of repayment
    • Possibility of overpayment
    • Lower interest rates

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